Explanation of Events



AGGREGATE – Better ball of each day added together Gross and Net.

BEAT THE PRO – The Pro plays scratch.  Full handicap for the rest of the field.

BETTER BALL PARTNERS – Count lowest score of partners (best ball of twosome).  Gross and Net (full handicap).

BETTER NINE – Best score of front or back nine minus ½ of handicap.

BLIND NINE – Nine holes picked blindly after play minus ½ of handicap.

BRIDGEMAN – Foursome event.  The eighteen hole round is divided into three 6 hole segments.  Use one best ball on holes 1 thru 6, two best balls on holes 7 thru 12, and three best balls on holes 13 thru 18.

CHAPMAN – Partners both tee off on each hole and then play each other’s ball for the 2nd shot.  For the 3rd shot, one ball is selected and played by the partner who did not make the 2nd shot.  Successive shots are then alternated until the hole is completed.   Allow 50% of the partners combined handicaps.

CRISS CROSS – Choice of hole 1 or 18, 2 or 17, 3 or 16, etc. minus ½ handicap.

CRIERS AND GRIPERS – Pick your worst three holes and change them to par, minus full handicap.

CROSS COUNTRY – Choice of 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc. minus ½ handicap.

ECLECTIC – Improved score on each hole over period of tournament.

EVEN HOLES – Total of even numbers holes 2, 4, 6, etc. minus ½ handicap for net.

FIELD SHOTS – Count shots to the green, minus full handicap.

FRIENDLY FOURS – Score only par 4 holes, minus ½ handicap.

GROSS SCORE – A gross score is the number of actual strokes plus any penalty strokes taken by player.

HARDEST & EASIEST – Count the four hardest handicap holes and the five easiest handicap holes, minus ½ handicap.

HOYO NUMERO CINCO – Foursome event.  One better ball on odd holes, two better balls on even holes, three better balls on 5th hole of each nine (#5 and #14).

LEAST PUTTS – Count your putts – submit this as your score.  No handicap.

MATCH PLAY – The game is played hole by hole.  The lower net score wins the hole.  When one player is up by a number higher than there are holes left to play, the match is over.  Example:  You are on hole #15 and you are up by 5.  You win the match 5/4 because there are only 4 holes left to play, and you are up by 5.  If your match is still even after the first 18 holes of play, you start over at hole #1 and give strokes on the same holes that you gave them for the first 18 holes.  Tournament rules will determine how many holes are played to break the tie.

MEDAL PLAY – Total Gross score minus handicap equals Net score.

MUTT AND JEFF – Total of par 3’s and par 5’s.  Take strokes where they fall.

NASSAU – Best front nine, best back nine, and best 18 hole score.  Use ½ handicap on each 9 holes.

NET SCORE – A net score is a player’s score after her handicap strokes have been subtracted from the gross score.

O-N-E-S – Golfers total their scores on holes beginning with the letters O, N, E, and S.  (1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18).  Use ½ handicap for net score.

ODD AND EVEN – Total of odd holes on front nine and even holes on back nine using ½ of handicap for net.

ODD AND EVEN BEST BALL – Foursome event.  Take strokes where they fall.  Players A and D use their best ball on the odd holes and players B and C use their best ball on even holes.

ODD HOLES – Total of odd numbered holes (1, 3, 5,etc) minus ½ handicap for net.

POINT PAR – using full handicaps, each player on each hole is award 1 point for net bogey, 2 points for net par, 3 points for net birdie, 4 points for net eagle, and 5 points for net double eagle.

SCOTCH TWOSOME – Alternate Shot – Decide which players drives off No. 1 tee.  Partners alternate every shot until they hole out on No. 18.  Use ½ combined handicaps for net.

SCRAMBLE – Each player drive.  Select one of the balls, and each player hits their next shot from that position – continuing in that manner until ball is holed.

SHAMBLE – Each player drives.  Select one of the balls, and each player plays their own ball from that position until the ball is holed.

SUBSTITUTE PAR – Substitute par for your score on any hole of your choice on each side.  Take strokes where they fall for net score.

T’s AND F’s – Total of holes beginning with letters T and F.  Use ½ handicap for net.

THREE BLIND MICE – Pro shop blind draws 3 holes to be subtracted from Gross and/or Net.

T-O-E – Score only the holes than begin with the letters T, O, or E (1, 2, 3, 8, etc) minus ½ handicap.

TWO BY TWO SCRAMBLE – Players A and C play together and B and D play together in a two person scramble.  Add both scramble scores together.  Use 35% of A and B handicaps and 15% of C and D handicaps.

1-2-3 TOURNAMENT – One best ball on first hole, two best balls on second hole, and three best balls on third hole. (Repeat until all 18 played).

3-2-1 TOURNAMENT – Best 3 balls are counted on par 3’s, best 2 balls on par 4’s, and 1 best ball on par 5’s.