Standing Rules



  1. GOODWILL & COURTESY. Goodwill and Courtesy will send congratulations, get well or other correspondence at the direction of the President.
  2. GUEST DAY LIAISON. The Guest Day Liaison appoints a Chairman for each Guest Day and furnished written documentation to help the Guest Day Chairmen create successful Guest days. She will report progress on each Guest Day to the President and Tournament Chairman. The Guest Day Liaison will serve as a member of the Tournament Committee.
  3. The HISTORIAN will take photographs of PVWGA events and maintain a scrapbook.
  4. MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN. The Membership Chairman will have responsibility for all membership records, applications, renewals, and the Big Sister Program. She will host a New Member party.
  5. ROSTER CHAIRMAN. The Roster Chairman will work with the Membership Chairman and the President to compile and distribute a Membership Roster, as well as providing additions and/or changes to the membership.
  6. RULES CHAIRMAN. The Rules Chairman will be responsible for advice on the Rules of Golf as sanctioned by the USGA, post all local rules and serve on the Tournament Committee. She shall obtain answers on all Rules of Golf questions and report as needed.
  7. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN. The Social Chairman will be the liaison with Club Management for monthly luncheon meetings and PVCC Social Activities.
  8. STATISTICIAN. The Statistician is responsible for the tracking, recording and recognition of all Ringers, Birdies, and Chip-ins.
  9. TROPHY CHAIRMAN. The Trophy Chairman will be responsible for awards for any tournament as directed by the Tournament Chairman. She will purchase name tags for the membership, maintain plaques and photographs of Club President and major tournament winners.


  • GHIN MAINTENANCE ONLY MEMBER – A GHIN ONLY Member must be a Palm Valley Homeowner/Proprietary Member of the Palm Valley C.C. to apply. This GHIN ONLY Membership allows the lady golfer to play as a Guest in PVWGA (Ladies 18-holer) Guest Days unless she has a current Golfing Membership at PVCC. In addition, a GHIN ONLY Membership does NOT qualify her to participate in any other organized 18-Holer play days or tournaments.
  • HONORARY MEMBER – A member who has served on the Board and/or made other significant contributions to our association who is no longer an active member of PVWGA. Nomination for an honorary member will come from a current Board Member and have Board approval. Honorary Members will continue to have their name and contact information in the annual membership roster and be allowed to attend monthly luncheon meetings. Each year, the Board will decide how the Honorary Members are to be recognized.
  • CLUB CHAMPION – A major individual medal tournament.
  • HORSE RACE – An organized team, alternate shot competition.
  • MAGIC PUTT, MIRACLE PUTT, MULLIGAN – A “free stroke” is given by the Tournament Committee during a competition, designated for use on the course or on the green. For posting, one stroke must be added to your score for each “free” stroke taken. Individuals must clearly make the scorecard on the hole the ‘’free” stroke was taken with an “M” in order for the Statistician to record all remaining scores for Ringers, Chip-ins, and Birdies.
  • MOF – Make your own foursome.
  • MOTT – Make your own tee times.
  • PARTNERS TOURNAMENT – A two person gross and net tournament.
  • PRESIDENT’S CUP – A major net match play tournament.
  • TEN STROKE DIFFERENTIAL – A method used to balance the handicaps of twosome and foursome teams for tournament competition. If a ten-stroke differential is applied to the team, it means everyone on the team must play with a handicap no greater than 10 strokes higher than the lowest handicap on the team. As an example, in a four-person team, if the handicaps are 15, 28, 30, and 32, no one on the team will be able to play with a handicap greater than 25.


  • The PVWGA official playing season is November 1 to May 31.
  • Member must play at a pace so as to keep up with the group in from of them.
  • Any formal grievance must be personally present to the Executive Board at their next regular meeting.
  • Caddies are not permitted for any PVWGA event.
  • Most Birdies and Most Chip-Ins is an individual competition to record most Birdies and Chip-Ins for the season on the Championship Course only. Fall Team Play on Tuesday Play Days are eligible for Birdies and Chip-Ins.
  • Ringers (Eclectic) is an individual competition to record your best score on each hole over the season. Fall Team Play on Tuesday Play Days are eligible for Ringers. Birdies, Chip-Ins and Ringers will not be recorded when playing a Shamble or Scramble format.
  • Hole-in-one. An ACE may be recorded on any day at PVCC as long as a minimum of 9 holes are played. The card must be signed, attested, and witnessed. Player must notify Handicap Chairperson. All dues and fees must be current to be eligible for prizes. The maximum payout is $250 covering the June 1 through May 31 of each year.
  • Most Improved Golfer – This award will be based on handicap period from June 1 through May 31. All eligible participants must be a member of PVWGA and have an established GHIN handicap. She must have played in at least ten (10) PVWGA ladies club events within the above time period. This award will be presented at the November meeting.


  • If a new member has a current verified GHIN index from another club, she may use that handicap for competition. When a new member does not have an established GHIN handicap, a temporary handicap will be assigned after five (5) scores have been posted. Competition in major events will require a valid GHIN Handicap Index based on twenty (20) rounds of golf. You may turn in scorecards from outside regulation courses, as well as PVCC scorecards, when establishing your handicap.
  • When establishing a handicap, you must turn in actual scores up to a maximum of ten (10) strokes on each hole; no picking up or x-ing out below ten (10) strokes.


All competitions will be played in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf. USGA allows golf organizations to apply local rules in Appendix I of the Rules of Golf. Following are the Local Rules that apply to PVWGA competitions.

  1. RED AND YELLOW HAZARD STAKES. As per USGA rules, red stakes around a hazard allow a 2-club-length relief from the last point the ball crossed the margin of the hazard, no closer to the hole, with a 1 stroke penalty. Yellow stakes allow you to play the ball only behind the hazard and only by keeping the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard between the flagstick and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with a 1 stroke penalty.
  2. HAZARD BOUNDARIES. Yellow and red stakes identify the type of hazard, not the boundaries of said hazards. Edge of hazard is defined by the edge of the grass.
  3. WOODEN PYLONS AND BRIDGES. Pylons and bridges adjacent to greens and hazards are considered part of the hazard, thus no relief without penalty.
  4. PROVISIONAL BALL OVER WATER. In the interest of speeding up play, a provisional ball over a water hazard (yellow stakes) will be allowed.
  5. GREENSIDE SPRINKLER HEADS. If a sprinkler head that is within 2 club-length of the putting green intervenes with the line of play of a ball that is within 2 club-lengths of that sprinkler head, the player may lift and take a drop at the nearest point where it is no nearer the hole and avoids such intervention.
  6. RELIEF FROM IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS. Nearest relief (stance and intended swing plus one club length) no closer to the hole, is allowed, no penalty. This relief does not included line of sight. Obstructions include rocks, cart paths, bushes surrounding electrical boxes, drains, and grates. Relief from bushes is taken as close as possible to point of entry. If ball is not found in bush, free relief is allowed if players are certain or virtually certain that ball entered bush.
  7. OUT OF BOUNDS. OB is defined by white stakes and curbing on streets. A ball that crosses a public street and comes to rest beyond that street is OB even though it may lie on another part of the course.
  8. TEMPORARY CART PATHS. Player has option of playing the ball where it lies or taking full relief.
  9. CELL PHONES/RADIOS are not permitted in any PVWGA event. It is prohibited to use cell phone for communication purposes to phone, text, or email during a competition. Penalty is 2 strokes in stroke play, loss of hole in match play.
  10. GPS RANGES FINDERS AND CELL PHONE APPLICATION. These may be used to measure distance only. No other features on these devices may be used.


  1. Scorecards must have full names, GHIN number, and correct date. They should be complete, legible, signed and attested.
  2. Scores for all PVWGA events (including Meeting Days, weekly Play Days, Guest Days, Invitation, Partners events, President’s Cup and Club Championship) may be posted on the internet. All GHIN members can access the Internet Posting screen by going to the website: and follow the prompts to post their score.
  3. All posted scores including tournament (Competition) scores are always adjusted. A Competition score is a score made in a competition organized and conducted by a committee in charge of the competition.


(effective January 1, 2020) 

An adjusted gross score is determined by limiting the maximum score on a hole to par plus two plus any strokes allocated to the player for that hole. (If a player is allocated one stroke on a par 5 hole, the maximum hole score is 5+2+1 = 8)


  1. Tuesday of each week will be Ladies Play Day. A luncheon meeting will be held the first Tuesday of the month, following golf.
  2. Cancellation Policy: If a member needs to cancel, she must cancel online (ForeTees) by 1pm on Sunday prior to the Play/Meeting Day or contact the Pro Shop by 8am Monday. Cancellation after 8am will result in a fine of $25 (plus the cost of lunch if on a Meeting Day). No Shows are subject to the same fees.
  3. A member is not in contention for any prizes when she picks up or x’s out a hole, unless the Play Day is partnership, team event, or does not affect the outcome of the Play Day.
  4. All scorecards MUST be signed, attested, and turned in immediately after play. Any disputes must be resolved before scorecard is signed and attested. If the player turns in a score for any hole lower than actually taken, she will be disqualified. If she turns in a score for any hole higher than actually taken, the score will stand.
  5. Sign-up for Play Days and Meetings Days will be online on ForeTees three (3) weeks prior to the Play Day or Meeting Day. Sign up no later than 1pm on Sunday prior to the Tuesday day of play. Pairings are available on the ForeTees website after noon on Monday prior to the Tuesday event.
  6. Scorecards will be distributed by the starter. Mark birdies and chip-ins on the Play Day Card. Keep a second card for verifying the scores. Turn in both cards.
  7. Pace of Play on Meeting Days: Teams must be finished golfing and scorecards handed in by 12:15pm in order to quality for prizes. The meeting will start promptly at 12:30pm. (USGA Rule 6-7, Undue Delay, Slow Play)


    • Members compete for awards using their full handicap up to 40, except for Palm Valley Women’s Invitational, Club Championship, Partners’ Events, and President’s Cup which will have a maximum of 36 handicap.
    • All disputed rules during a tournament will be decided by the Rules Committee, whose decision shall be final (USGA rule 34-3). Disputes must be resolved before scorecard is signed and attested.
    • Scores from the events listed below will be posted as tournaments.
      • President’s Cup
      • Partner Tournament (non-eclectic)
      • Club Championship
    • Cancellation Policy: If a member need to cancel, she must cancel online (ForeTees) by 1 pm on Sunday prior to the Tournament or contact the Pro Shop by 8 am on Monday. Cancellations after 8 am Monday will result in a fine of $25.
    • Pace of Play: the pace of play will be a maximum of 4 ½ hours. For a 7:45 am start, teams must be finished golfing and scorecards handed in by 12:15 pm in order to quality for prizes. (USGA Rule 6.7 Undue Delay, Slow Play)
    • In order to qualify for the Club Championship Tournament, a member must be in good standing in the PVWGA with an established GHIN handicap and have played in at least six (6) PVWGA events within one year prior to the Tournament. These events must include at least two (2) Tuesday Play Days. The President’s Cup and any 2-day Tournament will be counted as two events. Spring and Fall Team matches will be counted as one event each. Qualification audit will be performed by the Tournament Committee.
    • The Club Champion and Runner-Up will be the lowest and second lowest gross scorers in the field.
  1. GUEST DAYS are organized events with lunch and prizes. There are no green fees or cart fees. Entry forms are located in the ladies’ locker room or on the 18 Hole Website.
    • The field will be limited to the first 128 players, during the Guest Day entry period, who submit a COMPLETED entry form. The entry form must include Partner’s name, GHIN number, along with payment check in order to be accepted. Once the sign-up reaches 128, the next entries will be based on a Waiting List. Maximum handicap for all Guest Days is 40.
    • The following members and their guests are to be automatically included in the field:
      • Chairman
      • Co-chairman
      • PVWGA President
    • In any Guest Day, there will be no more than a ten (10) strokes differential applied to the foursome. If the spread exceeds ten (10) strokes, the higher handicap shall play down. The ten (10) stroke differential will not be applied to Guest Days in April and May.
    • Guests must have an established current GHIN handicap or any verified current USGA handicap.
    • A golfing member of PVCC who is not a member of the PVWGA will not be eligible to participate in a Guest Day Tournament. A “GHIN Maintenance Only” member is allowed to play as a Guest in PVWGA (Ladies 18-Holer) Guest Days, unless she has a current Golfing Membership at PVCC.
  2. PARTNERS TOURNAMENT is an annual, members only, best ball tournament. There will be no more than a ten (10) stroke differential. If the spread exceeds ten (10) strokes, the higher handicap shall play down. Maximum handicap is 36.
  3. PRESIDENT’S CUP is an organized major match play, net tournament usually played over three days with a maximum handicap of 36.
  4. PALM VALLEY WOMEN’S INVITATIONAL – UP, UP, and AWAY – is an annual PVGWA Member/Guest Tournament.
    • The field will be limited to 72 members (144 players) with a maximum handicap of 36.
    • The following members and their guests are to be automatically included in the field: PV Women’s Invitational Chairperson and Committee (maximum 6) and the Current President of PVWGA.
    • In order to qualify for the tournament, a member must in good standing in the PVWGA with an established GHIN handicap and have played in at least five (5) PVWGA events within one year prior to the end of December of the current calendar year. A grace period of one additional month (January) will be granted to those new members who join at the beginning of the season. These events must include at least two (2) Tuesday Meeting Days (must play golf and attend the meeting) and three (3) other events, which may be a combination of Tuesday Play Days and/or major tournaments. Fall Team Play on Tuesdays will be counted as a Tuesday Play Day. Major tournaments include the Club Championship on the Championship and Challenge Courses, the President’s Cup, and Partners. Any two-day tournament will be counted as two events. Qualification audit will be performed by the Tournament Committee.
    • The Registration process will be on a first come, first served basis, with on-line sign-up on ForeTees. Sign up will open at 6:45 on 12/15. A completed registration form, including partner’s name and GHIN number, along with payment, must be received by 1/5 to be eligible for play. Once the online sign up reaches 72, the next in line on ForeTees, first come, first served will be on the waiting list.
    • Those that qualify take precedence on the waiting list over those who have not met playing requirements.
    • Any PVWGA member may participate in team play. They must be a member in good standing of the PVCC Ladies Club prior to the entry of the first roster submission to the team league. Team member must meet league handicap qualifications. In order to be eligible for a subsequent year of team play, a player must attend two (2) Tuesday Meeting Days (must play golf and attend the meeting) and three (3) other Ladies Club events.
    • Any PVWGA Team member who has been in good standing in previous years and has met all requirement to play on team, but due to extenuating circumstances is unable to quality for the subsequent year, will need to have a majority approval vote of the Board of Directors to participate in Fall Team.